I have been contacted about unclaimed assets in my name is it true?

If you have funds that have been left unclaimed for 7 years, then those funds will already have been paid to a government agency. Assets such as lottery prizes, superannuation funds, cheques, bank accounts, insurance policies, wills, bonds, stocks etc can all be counted and reclaimed by the rightful owner. In the vast majority of cases there is more than one person going by the same name, because of this we will carry out cross checks to be sure that we have found the right person.

What personal information is required?

We will ask you to supply us with your home address and date of birth. We will also ask you to personally sign this information, verifying that it is correct. These details will then be forwarded to the government agency that is holding the assets, where they will then be checked to confirm identity and ownership.

Who is privy to the information?

Any information given remains strictly confidential at all times and the only other party who will be privy to it is the government agency concerned.

Can the information I supply be used as identity fraud?

We do not require any identifying photographs. Without an image of a person’s likeness it is not possible for identity fraud to be committed.

How do I know if you are legitimate?

Before being registered with the Australian Securities Investment Commission, it was necessary for us to be check by the Australian Federal Police who found us to have a flawless record in terms of honesty and efficiency

How much does it cost to carry out a search?

Although payment is required by some sites, Funds Recovery asks for payment only if funds are returned to you. If you receive no funds, then you pay nothing,

How did you find me?

We find individuals’ contact details by searching public records such as phone directories, council records and the electoral roll.

I have been contacted before by another company who has been unsuccessful in retrieving my funds. How do I know you will be able to do it?

Although we offer no guarantees that we can recover any funds that belong to you, if we are not successful then we charge you nothing. Does this sound fair to you?

Can a result be guaranteed?

Once you have completed the agreement and returned it to us, we are then able to search the large number of resources detailing unclaimed assets. However, we can offer no guarantee that you are entitled to any funds that are outstanding.

How will I know whether I am the rightful owner?

Once the government authority concerned has received and reviewed your application, they will reply to inform us as to whether or not you are the rightful owner of funds held. They might also request further information such as a drivers licence or utility bill to confirm your identity. You will receive a copy of any correspondence that they send.

How will I know whether I am the rightful owner?

When an application is made to the authority holding the asset a reply is received stating that you are not the party we are looking for ( and you will receive a copy of this letter) or additional information such as a certified copy of a drivers licence, rate notice / telephone bill etc be returned to confirm rightful ownership.

Will I ever have to pay any money up front?

All costs involved in the search are covered by Funds Recovery. Funds Recovery will at no point request any form of payment in advance.

What are your fees?

Because every case is different, with some being much more complicated and drawn out than others, we are unable to confirm any fees in advance. Fees will be confirmed once we are able to confirm that any funds are rightfully yours.

How long will the recovery process take?

Every case is different and some take longer than others. However, the majority of cases vary from three weeks to four months.

What happens if I do not claim the asset back?

Any outstanding assets that remain unclaimed will be confiscated by the government for their own use. This is often done without notice.

I tried to claim back my money but without success. What should I do?

We are not always successful in seeing funds returned and a number of our clients have not been successful. However, because we make applications and searches on a daily basis, we have the experience to give you the best chance of success.

Are you able to check for any claims that are owing to another family member?

We can check claims for any individual provided we have the correct details. The details that we need are prior address, full name, date of birth, address, phone number and a signed request for us to act on their behalf.

If I am the rightful owner will it affect my pensioner benefits?

We have never had a scenario where a pensioner’s entitlement is affected by the return of funds. We can check this for your behalf however before any funds are returned.